EZ Guides and Classrooms

Cambridge curriculum

For students who like to work independently, the EZ Classroom option offers all the required resources and assignments to help them to master the concepts and skills needed. A 30-week course has been carefully designed to ensure both content and exam questions are covered throughout the year, ensuring students are well-prepared for their examinations. Material is posted on the versatile Google Classroom platform with weekly instructions, textbook references, links to relevant videos and other resource material, and assignments of past paper questions by topic throughout the course. 

Free notes (where available) with purchase of Classroom access for Accounting, Business Studies and Economics for IGCSE, AS and A Levels. 

R460 once-off cost for basic access to the electronic classroom until the exam has been written


IEB / CAPS curriculum


Where debits are Smarties and credits are Jelly Tots

... who can resist learning? EZ Learn’s Fun EMS guides include a fun introduction to Business Studies and Economics in the FET phase while giving learners a strong foundation in Accounting. The emphasis is on having fun in the classroom, and the guide is filled with activities to interest learners while giving them a practical and relevant introduction to commercial subjects. The learners' guides are laid out so that they are easy for learners to work from. Basic notes are highlighted for future reference and the workbook format makes everyone's lives easier for just R345.

For those schools that prefer to focus on just Accounting a particular year or module, Fun Accounting is now available as a guide that focuses on just the Accounting, combining the material from both grades 8 and 9 for R460

The cost includes a hard copy of the guide in workbook format PLUS access to the EZ Classroom with complete solutions and additional resources.

Electronic PDF versions of guides for IEB/CAPS are available through ITSI (search EZ Learn) and Snapplify (Search EZ Accounting and Fun Economic)

FREE Video lessons on Youtube

for IEB / CAPS and Cambridge Accounting

FREE access to Google Classrooms

with purchase of each EZguide, providing you with additional online material.  These support resources include ready-made lessons, quizzes and other self-marking tests, presentation slides, links to relevant videos or other resource material and complete solutions to the EZ guides.

EZ Learn Accounting

EZ Learn’s Accounting text books approach the subject in a simple way that is easy to understand, showing learners the reasons behind the methods used. Once they have grasped the basics, the exercises move on to more advanced, challenging activities requiring higher order thinking skills. Creative and fun activities, articles, and projects give colour to this “’grey” subject, making it interesting, relevant and practical. The workbook format makes completing exercises much easier for students.

The guides are regularly updated to stay in line with curriculum changes. Solutions are available online in the Google Classroom so that they are able to check their work and identify problem areas as quickly as possible. This also means less valuable class time is wasted on marking. Additional resource material and links to videos can also be accessed using the Classroom link provided in the EZ guide. 

R460 includes a hard copy of the guide in workbook format PLUS access to the EZ Classroom with complete solutions and additional resources.

EZ Revision Accounting

The revision guides have proved very popular since their introduction a number of years ago. They include IEB and original past paper questions for grades 10, 11 and 12. The questions are separated into the different sections taught, with each chapter being introduced with a crash course on that section, including special exam tips. Accounting specific study skills and a specially designed revision plan are also included. The guides are in workbook format, and complete solutions in the Google Classroom include helpful hints.

R460 includes a hard copy of the guide in workbook format PLUS access to the EZ Classroom with complete solutions and additional resources.

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